Hmmm, I don't see anything obvious in the code that would cause this.  Actually, you should only get the doppler effect in "stationary" views.  Chase views will inherit the model velocity.  But you should get doppler effect in the fly-by view and tower views ... is this not the case?


On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 2:43 PM, dave perry wrote:
Curtis Olson wrote:
> I've done some work on the sound system in main.cxx and have attached
> a patch for folks to review if they want to look at what I did.
> I made a simplifying assumption that the listener is either stationary
> (stationary enough) or it is tracking with the aircraft model position.
... SNIP
> Then I used my simplifying assumption to set the listener velocity
> vector to (a) zero if the listener is stationary or (b) the model_vel
> if the listener is moving.
> This seems to really help clean up the stall horn sound (and hopefully
> the marker beacon sounds which suffered the same effect.)
> But at the same time, the doppler effects are maintained as they were.

I am not sure this change is the cause, but there is now no doppler
effect for yasim models that have non zero target-z-offset-m's for views
1 through 6.  I noticed that the j3 cub, the pittss1c, and the yasim
A6M2 all have doppler effects.  They all also have no <view n="j">
</view> for j=1, 2, ... , 6.  But the pa24-250, pa26-161, p51d, and
bo105 have no doppler effect.  They do have non zero target-z-offset-m
in <view n="j"></view>  for j=1, 2, ... , 6.  I also noticed that if I
change the target-z-offset to 0.0, the doppler effect returns but the
center of the views is then not what the model author intended.

Dave P.

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