Durk writes:

"The "Aviodrome" aviation museum at Lelystad Airport (EHLE), is organizing
FSWeekend again this coming weekend (Nov 1 & 2). FlightGear is organizing a
booth, for the third time in succession.

This year's crew will consist of Martin Spott, Torsten Dreyer, Gijs de Rooy,
Mathias Frolich, and myself. We're aiming to showcase the most exciting
features of the upcoming 1.9.x release, including the Multidisplay setup, the
new precipitation, code, landing lights, and hopefully the 3D cloud preview.
In addition, we'll be showcasing Gijs's EHAM and Amsterdam buildings, and
several other cool features.

If all goes well, I'll be having a new machine, based around two NVIDIA 9800GT
cards, and three 22" LCD screens, that I'm going to use for the show. I really
hope to get the parts in time. It might be a close call though..."