On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 6:43 PM, Syd wrote:
Well , no harm done , I just felt it was improper (and rude )to modify
files I was working on , without any notice. I expect at least a tongue
lashing first ;)

Hopefully this is just a minor misunderstanding.  According to Martin, he only was pointing out that the file was never added to CVS in the first place, and he did not remove it (and that would be slightly out of character, even for Martin) :-)

What is the name of the file in question?  As Martin suggests, it is quite easily to use the web based interface to look and see if it's ever been in CVS and if so, who added it and who modified it and who [may have] removed it.

It sounds like no files were modified and nothing rude or improper was done ... just a misunderstanding.


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