On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 2:07 AM, Syd wrote:
Hi Martin , I'm assuming you thought the tutorial file addition was an
error , but it's  not done yet . I'll take that as a "don't add files to
cvs until 100% done ?". If that were the case I'd have nothing commited :).
Could you please bring it to my attention  rather than delete my work
without notice, just in case ? Thanks
Hey Syd,

Since I haven't seen Martin jump in here yet, I'll just say that it is pretty easy to get a deleted file back out of CVS if you don't have it locally to recommit.  Just let me know if you need some help with this.  For future reference, it is always good form to check with individual aircraft authors before making changes to their areas.  That said, our unofficial convention is that we do try our best to keep the contents of CVS working.  It doesn't have to be finished or perfect, but we do like to avoid things that are totally broken.  Many people (developers and non-developers) track the current development of FlightGear in CVS, so if we commit something that generates an error or prevents the code or an aircraft from running, that is considered a problem.  This is more crucial with the core source code and core configuration files and scripts than with individual aircraft, but the authors of the more popular aircraft should also keep this in mind. :-)

Best regards,

Curtis Olson: http://baron.flightgear.org/~curt/