On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 8:41 PM, Georg Vollnhals <heliflyer@arcor.de> wrote:
Thank you very much for sharing this. It is very impressing. Seems you
really do not need projection screens if you have this 7 LCD displays
arrangement. FlightGear combined with the right hardware does a good job.

Every approach to constructing a simulator visual system has tradeoffs.  Using several LCD displays gives you a *very* compact system with extremely high resolution, and it's pretty cost effective.

Projectors would give you a more natural focal distance and allow you to move your head around more naturally in the cockpit, but they require a lot more space and you have issues where the cockpit can shadow the projectors if you front project or you need even more space if you back project.  Or you can get clever with mirrors, but then there are many tricky alignment issues if you want to create a wrap around visual system with several adjacent displays.  And with projectors you typically aren't going to get the same level of resolution (pixels per arcsec) as with close up LCD displays.  Also with projectors you might need a darkened room...  black == the shadow on a white screen.

And of course there are much better visual systems available ... curved screens, blended edges, etc.  But get out your checkbook and start writing zeros ... :-)


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