On Nov 30, 2007 1:36 PM, Durk Talsma <> wrote:
Having given the issue some thought, I also vote for 1.0. Here's my reasoning:
The current version is pretty much the culmination of  our plib based
development tree. With regard to plib, and in particular SSG, we're
approaching the limits of what's possible (in terms of graphics , etc).
Therefore, it seems completely logical to release the end of this line of
development as V1.0. Once this release is out, OSG will be the focus of our
development efforts, and hopefully that will someday result in FlightGear
2.0. I just hope we don't need to switch to another scencegraph by then...

Here's another thought that wouldn't necessarily have to be an issue, but it's something we should be careful to avoid.

Goals we can all agree on:

1. Get to a v1.0 release.

2. Do at least one final plib based release.

3. Implement a list of still missing features.  Everyone has different priorities and goals here, but we all agree there are features that would be nice to have, but still aren't yet done.

4. Long term we want to move to OSG.

What I would like to avoid is setting up the conditions and constraints such that we can't release a plib based v1.0 until it meets certain feature requirements.  But at the same time make it known that as soon as we get a v1.0 plib based release out the door we will immediately cut over to OSG and base all further development efforts on that.  The problem is that who would want to invest a ton of time battling the limits of plib/ssg to get these features done for v1.0, only to have the team turn around and immediately abandon all that effort in favor of OSG and a completely different way of doing them.

I'm not saying we are necessarily setting ourselves up for this particular conundrum, but we want to avoid inadvertant demotivations that will keep us short of our consensus goals.


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