On 10/26/07, Curtis Olson wrote:
I ... remembed that I have access to a snowplow/truck model from a past life ... Would anyone out there be interested in fiddling with the model and maybe making the body orange and the tires black?

Just as a quick follow up.  Here is a picture of the sort of vehicle I'm talking about.  The 3d model is relatively simple and doesn't have all the little details of lights and mirrors so that stuff we wouldn't need to worry about.  There's never been any textures associated with this model so if we just assigned colors to the faces that would probably be good enough:


For what it's worth, back in 2000-2002 we were putting sensors and huds and warning systems on these sorts of vehicles.  We put all our computers in a big box where the passenger normally would sit which required us to remove the passenger seat ... so I remember long days/nights of riding on top of that box with my feet on the dash and laptop in my lap trying to diangose and tune and fix things out on the road.  We'd be out there at night and when you bounce around in these trucks which are not designed to have a smooth ride, you can't see your fingers, you can't steer the mouse, your butt starts hurting about 5 minutes into it ... ahh those were the days. :-)

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