Hi Josh,

Finally had a minute to download and try the model ... it looks great, thanks!!!!  Should be perfect as is.  If you get bored and want to fiddle with it any more, here's a small amount of feedback ... mostly just minor things.

1. The winglets are pretty much 90 degrees to the wing:


2. For the actual airplane, I don't think the winglets are tapered quite as much ... you are close, but by my eye there could be just a bit more sweep on the trailing edge of the winglet leaving a bit more "chord" at the top.  The leading edge looks pretty good.  If you thought you might have time to fiddle some more, I could get you actual dimensions.


3. The protoype has this odd/unfinished color scheme, but the next version will most likely be white on the tops of the wing and both sides of the winglets and natural black carbon fiber cloth on the bottom of the wing.  The bottom of the center section may stay it's gross natural kevlar color which you matched pretty well.

That's all I can really nitpick, great job, I really appreciate the quick help on this, makes my week! :-)


On 8/27/07, JOSHUA WILSON <INTERNETWITNESS@msn.com> wrote:
I have a model at http://golffoxtrotsierra.741.com/Malolo1.zip  
I used some of your photos and the yardstick model in order to make it.

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