I am participating in the flight tests of a new R/C flying wing design.  Foam core wing, carbon fiber / kevlar / fiberglass resin sheeting.  Electric power ...

I'd love to get a 3d model for a flying wing that was roughly similar in size and shape ... it wouldn't need to be exact.  Hopefully it could be a quick/simple job since I wouldn't need a lot of detail.

Wing span is about 7 feet ...


Just needs to be simple ... doesn't need to be exact, and all I'd like is for it to capture the basic outline and perhaps have animated elevons and animated prop.

For what it's worth, flying wings are a very popular style of aircraft in the R/C world and many groups are picking this type of airframe for UAV projects, so I think there could be much wider use and appreciation for a RC flying wing 3d model in flightgear that would go far beyond my current interests.

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