On 6/29/07, Noah Brickman wrote:

I am looking for a method for adding a graphical overlay channel to Flightgear. This overlay would consist of a dynamic texture that can be modified in real time. I've used other OpenGL based systems with this feature but don't know where to start with implementing it in Flightgear. If anyone could tell me what library I should be working with (simgear, plib, etc) or how I might go about implementing this feature, I would really appreciate it.

I was thinking that a nice project for "someday" would be to get some video frame grabbing hardware and be able to capture video frames and convert them to opengl textures.  I've seen this done in only a few lines of code once you get the byte ordering and various graphics formats issues figured out.  I don't know, this might even be possible with a cheap usb web cam?

Once the frame is converted to an opengl texture, then it would be a very simple matter of displaying it on the screen with a textured rectangle drawn in immediate mode ... possibly with some level of transparancy, or not ...

I'm involved in some UAV research where we are using FlightGear to render a synthetic view from the perspective of a live flying uav.  Would be really cool to super impose the live video over the top of the FlightGear synthetic view.  Or super impose an F-16 style HUD on top of the live video ... I have lots of fun ideas for someone with a fast frame grabber and a bit of time. :-)

If someone can tell me how to do frame grabbing on a gumstix (www.gumstix.org) I'll offer you my 3rd born child (should an accident ever happen.) :-)


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