Please!  Let's call it something "obvious" that hopefully won't confuse people, or at least when people get confused we can give them a short obvious clarification.


On 1/31/07, Melchior FRANZ  wrote:
There used to be an --aircraft=c172-610x-jsbsim which was a
c172 with fullscreen, hires panel. It got removed because it
confused some users. I would like to re-introduce that *-set.xml
file under a new name that should even tell the dullest user
that the fact that there's no OTW view is not a bug.

- this aircraft mode is IMHO very useful for IFR training
- it shows Martin DRESSLER's most beautiful high-resolution
  instruments, that aren't used anywhere else. Hiding them
  is really a waste.
- this is an easy way to demonstrate fgfs technology and
  possibilities, and may give advanced users ideas about
  HW cockpits with fgfs

Flying e.g. from kccr to ksfo has become one of my favorite
"jobs" in fgfs -- all blind, and with the goal to land and
stop safely on 28R.

Curtis Olson - University of Minnesota - FlightGear Project
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