Hi Mathias,

Everything that is needed has been clearly explained in various emails sent to the developers list, but these emails quickly get buried.  Would you (or perhaps someone else who's successfully navigated the process) be willing to put together a quick howto and I can post it to the flightgear.org web site so we can quickly point people to a reference for exactly what they need to do, versus having people dig through mounds of email archives.

Also we should probably start assembling a list of missing or not-yet-ported features in the OSG version along with any bugs or glitches we might run across.



On 10/30/06, Mathias Fröhlich <Mathias.Froehlich@gmx.net> wrote:


On Monday 30 October 2006 18:44, Michal Fabik wrote:
> so I've installed OSG, built cvs SimGear and
> FlightGear against it, set up/symlinked all the OSG
> paths and plugins required and now, after running fgfs
> I get the splash screen and everything seems to be
> working fine but after "generating sky elements" fgfs
> quits with the following error:
> expected 'data <number>' at line 99
> expected 'data <number>' at line 138
> expected 'data <number>' at line 177
> expected 'data <number>' at line 216
> expected 'data <number>' at line 255
> expected 'data <number>' at line 294
> expected 'data <number>' at line 1079
> expected 'data <number>' at line 1352
> expected 'data <number>' at line 1768
> expected 'data <number>' at line 1886
> Segmentation fault
You did use the patched osg version from



I believe to remember that such messages oroginate from the ac3d Loader. The
segfault from the unpatched RGB Loader ...



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