Everytime when I fly from KSJC to KRNO, In the middle of the trip, I see ocean.  After that once I'm near KRNO, I see land.  I've downloaded all the areas around the bay area (and basically all of California and Nevada), and still I still see ocean.  I can't even spawn at KSAC (Sacramento Intl. Airport).

This also happens when I'm flying to KLAX.  I can spawn at KLAX too but when I make a trip from KSFO (or) KSJC to KLAX, In the middle of the trip, guess what, Ocean!  I installed the scenery correctly but I always get this.

Can you please help me?   I'm new to flightgear and I don't know much about command lines, etc.  I also want to download TerraSync but I don't know how.