I dont have a good PC to games now (notebook Compaq C770BR)... but the pictures are very nice!! But... i dont find a 707 shot, heehehe. Good work  Heiko!

Best regards,

Isaías V. Prestes

2010/1/30 Vivian Meazza <>
Durk wrote

> Hi All,
> Last week, I've been trying to capture the new graphical features of
> FlightGear in a few screen shots. Please find a pre selection here:
> I hope that others will also join in and contribute a few images for our
> official gallery. I added a preliminary copyright notice, because I don't
> want
> these images to be used by FlightProSim and the likes, but I'll make the
> originals (in 1680x1030 format) available for inclusion in the official
> gallery with copyrights signed to
> If you want to contribute: Please note that Heiko Schulz has written a
> very
> nice tutorial on making screenshots:
> In addition, there are also some tricks posted by Melchior a while ago:
> Eagerly awaiting your contributions / comments. :-)

Comments? Only one: WOW!

It's the clouds what done it :-). Well done the cloud people.

Hey, didn't we _all_ do well


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