Hi Guys,

Appreciate the comments. We come from the X-Plane and ESP world. Personally I have just over 1000 hrs flight time in many Bell products, Bell 206, 204 / 205, 212 and 412. Currently I'm running a simulation consulting company that is seriously thinking about investing some money into growing with FlightGear. We are at the stage of simply getting a better understanding of FG and it's capabilities.

From what I'm reading it looks like FG would be a good procedural trainer but may involve some work to bring things to a point where we could use it for helicopter flight training exercises like auto-rotation.

The only real challenge I see is the creation of new aircraft. Has anyone looked into developing a "plan maker" similar to what x-plane offers? How might we start the process of creating new realistic aircraft simulations?


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On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 7:57 PM, Heiko Schulz <aeitsch_13@yahoo.de> wrote:

> Hello Christian,
> the helicopter flight model is very realistic, for my point
> of view it
> is the the most realistic flight model which is available
> for "normal"
> PC users. The setup of the configuration is a bit tricky,
> esp. for the
> auto-rotation, therefore it does not work realistic for
> most helicopters
> in flightgear, but the hornet (an autogyro) is simulated
> well in
> flightgear. The helicopters with the most realistic
> flightmodels in
> flightgear are:
> bo105
> aircrane

> uh1
> Best regards,
> Maik
The UH1 was the one with the most realistic flightmodel. Unfortunately as helijah corrected the fuselage shape in YASim, he broke the whole balance settings. Tensors and CoG seems not right anymore, visible as the whole aircraft is turning on ground with stopped engine. That didn't happen before.

I don't find the time right now to look and fix it, but maybe in 2-3 weeks unless someone other is faster.


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