Hi Durk,
> First, and foremost, however, I would like to sent of a call for
> participation. If you happen to live in or near the Netherlands, and would
> like to be part of this weekend of fun and flight, please drop me a note.
Please count me in ;)
> It would be nice if we could organize something fitting within
> this theme. Ideas are welcome.
I think most of the sims will show some "simple ideas" like a (virtual) flight with
the Wright Flyer near Etten-Leur (first motorised flight in the Netherlands
happened there) or some historic scenery. So, probably it would be nice if we
could come up with something different, just to stand out of the crowd. I'll try
to come up with something in the upcoming weeks...
Another "milestone" is the 90th anniversary of KLM airlines (founded 7 oct. 1919).
Maybey we can gather a fleet with all (or atleast most of) the aircraft ever
operated by KLM? We do have quite a lot of them in FG, just need some more



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