On 11/29/06, Jon S. Berndt wrote: 
If the community is split into two different camps, communication is going to suffer, plain and simple. I can receive email wherever I am and reply or not.  I can set up filters and rules in my email program to sort the email posts. If the mails to the FlightGear-devel lists are archived in a forum, that's fine. If posts to a forum are likewise echoed to the -devel list, that's fine. In other words, if there are two ways to view a single communication venue, that's fine. But if there are two completely independent venues to discuss issues (say, the Users list), that would be very, very bad. It really defeats the purpose of having any kind of discussion group/list/forum at all.

All good points, but consider that we aren't really starting anything new here.  There are FlightGear forums that exist already (i.e. Avsim) where useful discussion occurs and where people actually expect to post questions or comments and get help and feedback.  So the forum thing is already in play ... 

True, the forum thing is already in play, and communication is likewise already suffering because of it. I know this from experience.  I'll be doing a Google search and find a reference to JSBSim, for instance, with questions in it that simply go unanswered. I don't have a problem with people discussing FlightGear or JSBSim or whatever in a forum in Avsim, for instance, but it should be stated and understood that if the question cannot be answered there, then the "official" mailing list should be turned to. I'd just hate to see people pick and choose one venue over the other, and pretty soon one Subject Matter Expert disappears from view from those who have chosen the "other" venue. I'd hate to see the mailing lists "watered down", diluted.