Hi Erik,

> The link to the aircraft livery database does not work since the web
> server seemingly doesn't find index.php

Hm, works fine here...
- Did you empty your DNS cache?
- Can you view other pages, like http://liveries.flightgear.org/contribute.php?
- And what if you forward directly to http://liveries.flightgear.org/index.php?

> I've sent a mail to both avsim.com and flightsim.com announcing the newsletter.
> The progress made so far did justify it if you'd ask me. The only thing that is
> lagging behind now is the scenery, unfortunately.

Ha, would be nice if they linked to our newsletter each month! Would be another
stimulant to work harder on it. Keep us up to date of their replies ;)

PS: Thanks Curt!