On 28 Nov 2013, at 17:06, Rebecca N. Palmer <r.palmer@bham.ac.uk> wrote:

The descriptions on https://gitorious.org/fg/flightgear and 
https://gitorious.org/fg/simgear say "master" is a branch 1-2 weeks 
behind "next", but neither "master" branch has actually been used for 
several months.  If this change was intentional, we should probably 
update the descriptions.  (New clones do correctly default to "next”.)

Yes, we’ve never got into the habit of merging stable features to master - though this is classic chicken-and-egg problem - because everyone who compiles from code uses next, there is no demand for a ‘live’ master. Equally if supported both, we’d get (even) less testing and bug-finding on next, where it is most valuable.

So yes, at this time, updating the descriptions is probably the best course of action.

(Ironically fgrun , which does use both branches, doesn't have such a 
notice.  I have not checked the other add-ons.)

FGrun switched from using master for development, to next, a couple of weeks ago, I think.

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