Hi Thorsten, 

Yes - the runway UV stretching is what I am currently working on.  In current scenery, we have set textures for each precision marking, and they are stretched / compressed to match the individual runway lengths.

The new method will use just a pavement material for the runway, then apply the precision markings ( with correct lengths / widths ) draped on top. - much like the taxiway lines are done now, but with more accurate draping.

But, this draping of lines requires the multiple texture coordinate support in simgear so the bump maps / dirty marks can get the same texture coordinates of the underlying pavement.  It will be a while before such a scenery is build worldwide.  The next world scenery will not support this yet, so feel free to work with what we have - it will be around for quite some time :)


On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 2:39 AM, Renk Thorsten <thorsten.i.renk@jyu.fi> wrote:

Since Stuart didn't like the gravel around KSFO so much, and since currently the horse summer paddocks here show very interesting grass patterns, I took the challenge and started on some new airport keep options using overlay texturing. I think in the future, gravel and sparse grass will be recognizable as such:


In the course of this, I found out that out airports now come with a properly aligned shoulder region. However, the uv-mapping is just too stretched to make this any useful. This is easy to mitigate passing just a single additional uniform to the shader, and then, fiddling with the texture a bit, I can make rather niceand irregular-looking  transitions to the surrounding gras:


My question is - should I proceed with this? Or will the next scenery update change the mapping of the shoulder region in any case? Perhaps someone from the scenery team could get in touch here and talk about the mid-term strategy to make the transition between runway and airport keep nice...


* Thorsten
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