Never mind, Clément has figured it out, and his script is working.

On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 9:41 AM, Peter Sadrozinski <> wrote:
As I have also run against this same compile problem in the past (and have since forgotten how I got around it) I am offering a proposal to make terragear slightly easier to compile:

The terms of use of newmat are here: newmat11 terms of use

As we already include triangleJRS (with modifications) in the terragear repo, could we do the same with newmat11?  I'd like to enable namespaces (a one line change - the author has added one, but is disabled)  Then modify the airport_surface source to use that namespace.

Hopefully this will avoid the collision we sometimes get with OSG, and as a side benefit, make gathering the terragear dependencies 1 step easier :)


2011/12/30 Clément de l'Hamaide <>
Hi all,

I would like to contribute to airports/sceneries. I'm young real pilot and I like to remake the airport where I fly in real life.
I've seen that many people have many problem to compile TerraGear. This is why I started to create a similar "download_and_install" script than "brisa script" but for TerraGear.

I need some help from someone who have a better know than me about TerraGear.
I have asked help on IRC but nobody can help me. I have create a thread on US forums and at the moment I have no answer.
I've seen some people works with TerraGear (apt850, improve scenery...) if these people can help me to finalize my script then I can diffuse it and I'm sure many people become contributors with this simple script.

You can see my thread here : (include my script and my compilation log)

Hoping someone can help me. I think this script will be a good way to facilitate people to contribute to airports and sceneries.

Little precision : I have read all wiki page about terragear and all README file in each section (README.newmat, README.gpc, README....) So please don't say me "look on wiki !" or "read the README file !" ;)


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