Deleting the crashsender.exe from bin/, did result in the application failing with the Windows ‘program has encountered an error’ dialog when i did encounter the problem a couple of weeks back.
I did not try this on the later versions until today (Build 859)... and i am happy to report that after deleting the CrashSender1402.exe and clicking past the "CrashRpt setup failed" dialog, fgfs works again.

Thanks for the help and the work on a fix.
All the best,

2014-08-01 4:18 GMT+02:00 Clement de l'Hamaide <clemaez@hotmail.fr>:

Oliver wrote:
Would appreciate if you could look into the problem.
Build from today (30.07.2014 - Build No. 857) is still not usable and shows the same behavior.

Everything works fine here with Build No. 857 (as soon as I close the warning message because CrashSender1402.exe is not there).
Unfortunately I can't help more as long as I can't reproduce your problem locally.

I'll commit a fix for CrashSender1402.exe + alert message at the end of installation this weekend.

Kind regards,

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