Hi Thorsten,

I checked out the new setup for the runway lights, and I think the visibility distance is much better now.  I realize that it's a work in progress and that some of these things may already be on the list, but I have a few comments. 

1. The way the lights appear as you approach is kind of strange.  They blink on very abruptly as they come into range.  It's like someone is turning them on one row at a time.  The effect seems very digital and not realistic.  Is there a way to ramp up the intensity with decreasing range (sort of like what happens in the default rendering scheme)?

2. Animations in the ground lights are lost with ALS turned on.  At some airports (I think the 850 apts) there's a row of pulsing yellow lights marking the hold points.  These go away when ALS is in use.  The running rabbit on the approach lights also goes away with ALS.

3. This might be a limitation in how my own system renders the lights, but each ground light is rendered as 3 separate point sprites in ALS, but not in the default rendering scheme.  Sometimes one of the light points is several cm above the runway surface (here's a screenshot at EDDK-32R - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26612041/point-sprite.png). I only see this when I'm close to the lights, like during takeoff, landing and taxi, but it makes things a little messy at the times I'm relying most on the lights to find my way.

Thanks for all your work on the rendering.  It's really looking great.


On 30 July 2014 21:02, Christian Schmitt <chris@ilovelinux.de> wrote:

I did some development on the lights a few months ago already. It seems like
due to the new Light Effects framework some of the old 'magic' Curt
describes now clearly shows its problems with OSG. Yes, the technique is
clearly still from PLIB times.
To be very clear: the problem started to occur with Stuart's light effects
framework and can be easily spotted by going to a runway with Approach
Lighting Systems on both ends. You'll see the opposite end lights even if
you are at takeoff position.
Now, to improve the situation I started to work on a patch that you can find
below [1]. It needs more work (disable the lights when the view vector
points into the same direction). This I was not able to implement.


[1] https://dpaste.de/Zr3i

Stuart Buchanan wrote:

> I suspect that the cube-map was lost in the move from plib to OSG a number
> of years back.  Certainly I don't recall seeing any evidence of it when I
> enabled Effects for the runway and taxiway lights fairly recently.
> However, that the information is in the .btg file is very interesting.
> I'll look it up and should be able to pass it through the Effects
> framework as a Uniform for a shader to pick up.
> Now all I need to do is work out why the GUI on my Ubuntu installation has
> disappeared...
> -Stuart

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