On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 11:37 AM, Renk Thorsten <thorsten.i.renk@jyu.fi> wrote:
> Is there a way we can have all three possibilities (default, skydome
> shader, Thorstens atmospheric light scattering) selectable?

Atmospheric light scattering should not be thought as different from skydome shader - it is the terrain/model/whatnot shader combination consistent with the skydome shader (and having the skydome shader not creating mismatches with terrain was the original motivation for developing the atmospheric scattering framework).

The 2.6 scheme to have a skydome not matching terrain did not only have issues at high altitudes, it also could not handle poor visibility or sunrise/sunset lighting in any reasonable way. Not allowing to switch a skydome inconsistent with the rest of the scene on is not a regression, it is a bugfix in my opinion :-)

I think the problem now is that the nice scatter effect sky dome no longer works correctly with any render mode in the git version.  The scatter effect sky dome will give you very pretty skies -- especially in combination with advanced rendering, just don't look at the terrain or your own aircraft model because those are now rendered incorrectly with many missing effects.


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