Hi Dominic,

This is a good place to ask specific questions, as is the forum.  We also have a wiki which covers quite a bit of the information that people typically ask about.

By the way, we require registration to the forum and subscription to the mailing lists because of spam.  If everyone played nice we wouldn't need this, but without registration/subscription there would soon be thousands of spam messages for every real message and these mechanism would become totally useless.



On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 10:09 AM, Dominic Browne <dominic@vitalsimulation.com> wrote:
It seems that you guys are like the goggle earth programs. You develop something great, then disappear off the face of the planet so no one can do any more development. No contacts list, only a FAQ and required to register forum.  
If there is anyone out there who has any knowledge what so ever of this FlightGear software I would very much like to make contact.
I am especially interested in using the visual through a normal standard visual interface. You know the standard one that separates the aircraft simulation from the visual scene update, unlike the insanity of the Microsoft flight simulator that embeds the interface so well that it cant be easily used.
Please is there anyone out there who may be knowledgeable about the flight gear visual software ?
Dominic Browne

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