On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 1:03 PM, ThorstenB <brehmt@gmail.com> wrote:
Or you could create a custom HUD with the necessary text labels (fixed
text, or referring to string properties). You can configure a font for
each label - and add a property condition to enable/disable specific
labels. FG has so many ways...

He Thorsten,

The HUD is an interesting idea -- I was able to quickly build a custom hud config and write my words individually to a property name for display.  With the HUD I can specify a font and a size, but if I scale up the size, the font get's really pixelated.

The hud "threw" an error when I tried to specify a liberation ttf font.

Are the ttf fonts only available as 3d objects?  Will they work in 2d panels?  If they are 3d only, what would it take to create a simple object that I could place in the scene as part of the aircraft model (maybe out front somewhere in the main view???) to display text?


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