I'd like to find a few really good quality links (web pages really) that are especially helpful for new FlightGear pilots.

I get quite a few questions from people who fire up FlightGear for the first time and have little aviation experience and zero prior FlightGear experience.  They need really basic help, like how do you start the engine.  Or they need basic description of how to install aircraft or scenery.  I know some of this is scattered around on the wiki and the manual ... but I'm hoping people can send me some really good links for basic beginners -- nothing is too obvious here, assume I know nothing. :-)

- basic engine startup and taking off.
- basic installation of aircraft / scenery
- good tutorials targeted towards new pilots

The goal here is to get a brand new user over the very first hump and see some initial success very quickly.


Curtis Olson:
http://www.atiak.com - http://aem.umn.edu/~uav/
http://www.flightgear.org - http://gallinazo.flightgear.org