We have an RC scale aircraft called the "Rascal 110" available for download here.


I'm working on a 92" flying wing model, but it's not quite ready for first release.

All FlightGear aircraft can be flown from a variety of vantage points including a "cockpit" view, tower view, chase view, fly-by view, etc.  And there are ways to create your own views if you want to dig under the hood a bit.

Even full scale aircraft can be flown from a tower view ... but the Rascal is probably the best developed FlightGear aircraft that has RC scale and performance characteristics.



2011/9/27 鳥枝亮介
I am a Japanese college student.
I am looking for the web site where the radio control model of flight-gear appears.
If you know, please let me know.
Thank you for your consideration.

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