I realize this is not a satisfactory response for some people, but I have added "downloadmanagerapp.com" to the list of blocked sites.



On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 2:34 PM, Anders Gidenstam <anders-www@gidenstam.org> wrote:
When I look at our main page I see Google chooses to display a very big
fat green download button for some crud software in the ad-slot that is
slightly to the left but otherwise right in the middle of the page. And
another one further down. It looks ugly and could confuse the unwary.

If it is not possible to be more restrictive on what ads to show (and
even if that can be done I'm sure the guys paying for these sort of ads
would do their best to by-pass any such restriction) then IMO the ads
should go. Maybe the text ads could stay but the big blobs - no, thank you.

Is the hosting really that expensive that we can't raise enough donations
to cover it? (I have to admit I have not donated to FG, though.)


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