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Say, while you all are on the subject of key bindings, could anyone tell me where these keymappings are defined in flightgear?  My friend is having a severe (to him) issue with the program, in that he loves flying in the sim but is running I believe three monitors. He is able to get the view across all three of his monitors by setting a very wide field of view, but this involves clicking for a _very_ long time on the "widen field of view" key.

You may also wish to visit this page on our wiki which talks about how to create a custom xml configuration file for multiple cameras on multiple displays:


The system even allows you to define an independent camera for each display so you don't have to deal with increasing distortion at the fringes and can spread the view offset by a little extra to account for the margins on your monitor (so a straight line such as a runway edge flows straight into the next display without forming a stair step.

You can search out README.multiscreen -- located in $(FGDATA)/Docs/README.multiscreen if you have FlightGear installed.  There are a couple approaches that are supported, ranging from creating a 3 windows, one for each display to creating a single window that spans all the displays and defining separate camera parameters for each 1/3 of the window.

If you spend a bit of time tweaking this, you can get way better results than simply stretching a window across three displays and.


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