Yes i do use rembrandt-enabled.
Just tried out without rembrandt , i get a transparent runway area ( we can see the scenery under ), and the model shader effects remains dark then wrong :(

yes, with generic to minimum the runway is restored, however, the model shader effects is lost


On 30 June 2013 17:32, Renk Thorsten <> wrote:
> I am seeing the same(NVidia GT450, Windows 7) . All runways are black.
> If I set shader options > generic to minimum the runway is restored.
> It happened within the last few days.

I've had a different sort of problem with the runway shaders since a few weeks on my up-to-date Linux version which were showing a checkerboard pattern. This hasn't shown on my 5 weeks old Windows version. I've also seen that the higher level runway shader is affected, whereas the minimum shader works correctly.

I wonder if this is related. I assume Ahmad is seeing this under Rembrandt. I am seeing this under ALS (which is a rather different shader code which isn't even doing the same things). Alan - which rendering framework are you using? It bugged me that the problem crept in without me doing anything on the shader code, so I suspect it's not a shader problem, but something that creates problems for the shaders.

* Thorsten
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