Hi, Clement

Yes these messages dds format related are very annoying.

We never asked for it, since  for month we used to  modify the source when making a new  compilation.

it wants only
SG_LOG(SG_IO, SG_WARN, "Image \"" << fileName << "\"\n"
instead of
 SG_LOG(SG_IO, SG_ALERT, "Image \"" << fileName << "\"\n"

On 29 April 2013 21:37, Clement de l'Hamaide <clemaez@hotmail.fr> wrote:
> Following a discussion with Vivian on IRC, it seems it was decided to remove the DDS warning message some weeks? months? years? ago. Someone could handle it ?
> I admit that using DDS materials and DDS aircrafts results in a thousand of warning messages in my console and it's really not easy to debug my Nasal code ( print(); ) with all these messages.
> Also I'm not convinced that our users are interested by this warning message because they can't do anything to solve it. (Considering that "decompressing a DDS file is not a "basic user action")

Hi all,

I haven't received answer from people about this.
This message is wrote by simgear/scene/model/ModelRegistry.cxx at line 263~265

Switch this message to another log level will be perfect.


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