Hello, James

the models concerned were not monolithic.
Were built  with  xml files  hierarchy  and branch: 

hull ,
deck with separate components ,
island with separate components, 
crew specific animated.
misc stuff and particles

Some object are defined with the transparency   effect ( Rembrandt)
Each simple component are defined with ac and  xml  
Some of the components are "noshadow"

 The Ship were  built like a "Lego  construction"

These AI models were  built like any  models Aircraft with  more or less complexity.

We did not get any trouble with the old AI loading process.
We did  had with the new  AI loading process since like demonstrated , the alpha layer was  wrong.

Since we were unable to control the respective alpha layer position, which was the cause of our issues, we fixed it  by converting the models to monolithic.
So we  know exactly how to define the layers within the models.

We don't mean others FG AI/Models will get the issue, all seem more simple than ours models, including the Vinson.

An other remark,  is Rembrandt   related ,
who is using the feature ?
how many devels are testing FG with Rembrandt  ?

 => very few , may be nobody , so could we say it is an issue to FG . ?



On 7 March 2014 14:51, grtuxhangar team <hohorange@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, James

OK i'll ask more information to my friends.
However you can notice it was an issue against  Rembrandt   ONLY



On 7 March 2014 14:20, James Turner <zakalawe@mac.com> wrote:

On 7 Mar 2014, at 13:15, grtuxhangar team <hohorange@gmail.com> wrote:

The new AI/Models  load  does not like models which are  modular  drawing  split  everything must be in the same ac and xml file and we must take care of the alpha sequence  when there is any.

Can you elaborate further, which arrangements cause issues?

I did not intend to create this restriction - in both the old and new code, we load via the osgDB Pager - the difference is with the new code, OSG can decide to unload (and reload) when it chooses, which is better for performance and memory.

I am surprised there is such a large change in behaviour!


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