Hello everybody

Well, let's come to some example, then the users could appreciate

There, a lot of snapshots i have just received from David (one of our team's member)
Those snapshots were done with FG Git, and France 850 Scenery.
Only the vegetation is being an old one , since getting some trouble with the last version.
The computer is a mainframe with 2 Nvidia cards SLI Architecture
GPU   geforce GTX 560 ti CUDA Cores:448
NV Driver 319.12

Starting with FG snapshots Without ALS and With Rembrandt


Now FG snapshots Without ALS and Without Rembrandt


Now, sorry, FG snapshots With ALS and Without Rembrandt
Who said we don't need  a specific version when using ALS ?

BTW We had to search for a  place were we could load Model with ALS
You probably notice, it is the P-38L model, to fly with Rembrandt or Without Rembrandt
ONLY one model to load  :) .
Sorry it is not ALS Compliant.

We have not chosen the most beautiful one it is only an example.

You may want to take acknowledge of  some snapshots done with Rembrandt , part of the grtux_hangar related.

there the link

All the best to FG Community


On 30 April 2013 08:23, Renk Thorsten <thorsten.i.renk@jyu.fi> wrote:
>> There was so many wrong remarks , that i forgot that one:
>> I am quoting you
>> "Only Rembrandt requires separate Rembrandt and no Rembrandt versions of
>> aircraft. Are you unable or unwilling to acknowledge that point?"

> Aren't you talking about stuff you don't know?
> An aircraft which has been modified to fly with Rembrandt ( like said
> only transparencies are involved) , can be flown without Rembrandt.

Well, yes, in the case the aircraft didn't have emissive lights before and couldn't be flown at night that may be the case, but, to quote the Rembrandt Wiki page:

"*  Rembrandt computes shadows => no more fake shadows in the model
* Rembrandt computes ambient occlusion => no ambient occlusion baked into textures
* Rembrandt has light => static lightmap are not needed, emissive color to see models at night is not needed and would interfere
* Rembrandt has glow => incorrectly used emissive colors may blur displays and make some text unreadable. Light size may have to be adjusted

Again, please get your facts right before you continue the discussion. In the general case of lightmaps and/or emissive instrument textures used for night flights, you do need two versions (you can use auto-detection and conditional animations to hide that fact from the user though). Seems your aircraft don't have those then... doesn't mean no one else uses them.

This really gets a bit tedious and I believe the topic is exhausted... would you mind carrying your grudge elsewhere rather than desperately trying to find any mistake in what I say? I think you have demonstrated your level of comprehension of the FG rendering  internals sufficiently.  Thanks.

* Thorsten
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