Hello, James

Not sure about the issue but  reset prohibit the GUI dialog display
here the  message on console we are getting:

loadxml: reading '/wrklvm/FlightGear/FlightGear_Git/data-aircraft/Aircraft/Alouette-III/Inputs/propulsion-control.xml' denied (unauthorized access)
Nasal runtime error: Dialog class: XML dialog must have <name>
  at /wrklvdevel/FG-GIT/fgdata/Nasal/gui.nas, line 334
  called from: /wrklvdevel/FG-GIT/fgdataNasal/gui.nas, line 314
  called from: /wrklvdevel/FG-GIT/fgdata/Nasal/globals.nas, line 110
Nasal runtime error: container index not scalar
  at /wrklvdevel/FG-GIT/fgdata/Nasal/gui.nas, line 316
  called from: /sim/bindings/menu/binding[89], line 3

the denied (unauthorized access) can't be explained,  since  before reset , we can load and use the dialog box .

the path are

and path Alouette-III_sc is at /wrklvm/FlightGear/FlightGear_Git/data-aircraft/Aircraft


On 8 March 2014 11:23, James Turner <zakalawe@mac.com> wrote:

On 8 Mar 2014, at 10:19, James Turner <zakalawe@mac.com> wrote:

(BTW, can’t you initialise such properties from your JSBSim config file, instead of using Nasal? Then they would be created with their default values when the FDM starts, which would ‘just work’ on re-position. But, as I said, I was hoping not to require any aircraft changes)

Eugh, it’s too early in the morning - that is exactly what you ARE doing in your fix. Sorry.


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