Ok.. Then I;m in.. I'd like the  idea to maintain "openRadar" in Java to at least build a skill set.. and get to know the code and mainly comment it..andhopefu;;y find some cool future team..

My hidden motivation is to android and devices for "purpose" eg a TCAS Android, or a PFD .. live atc chat on mobiles and voip......and its in jvm.. so maybe we can also use some "formulae" in java and creation of simgear /python|java|\c|cpp|\js libs to ensure same delegation of issues..

So.. who can fork this to

to gitorious..
so I can fork it.. and thats just the parallel runways...

I don't like java as am unfamiliar and previous coding from a few years ago..and, is owned by oracle now, is "heavy on ma system", and two flavours that dont agree sometimes.., python, php , javascipt and qt/c++ are familiar.. and looking at toolset of android for devices, browers and pyqt desktops.. Embeddig in browser apps again..and the "phone" gap and others...

I think the first serious step we all have to take though.. cos its getting silly is to fork apt.dat and nav.dat  and aero data in a seperate repositirory... unpacked..

That way we can update bits and reverse rewiend into various commits.. eg fg-2.4 version-updated-latest..

Openradar has huge outdated tarballs.. so that is first problem we have to solve...

Cant we just get gitrououos/fg/xplane.git working pelase unpacked..
and maybe /810 /850 directories etc...and consistent "terrasync" corrected..
even knock out the new data in olde format.. and vice versa..


On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 6:55 PM, Martin Spott <Martin.Spott@mgras.net> wrote:
Hi Geoff,

Geoff McLane wrote:

> de.knewcleus.fgfs/src/de/knewcleus/fgfs/multiplayer/
> protocol/MultiplayerPacket.java
> -   public static final int MAX_PACKET_SIZE=1024;
> +   public static final int MAX_PACKET_SIZE=1200; // FIX20111226

I knew there was an obvious flaw in one of the public versions, but
that's been a different one  :-)

> And I was able to create for myself another new
> sector.xml from the samples given, for an airport
> of my choice, thanks to mapserver shapefile
> downloads, etc... which all seemed to work well ;=))

Sounds cool !

> BUT I could NOT seem to get the comms (fgcom?)
> working... any ideas, pointers...

I never noticed a comm console in OpenRadar - and I've used it
frequently in earlier days.  Therefore I'm quite surprised ....  I'll
have to have a closer look these days, maybe this helps reminding the
idea behind this comm console you mention.

> http://www.flightgear.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10221
> seems more interested in using Atlas as the base...

OpenRadar has been designed with EUROCONTROL (the European air traffic
control / safety organization) user interface standards for real life
radar consoles in mind.  Therefore it's a lot different from the
so-called radar consoles people are familiar with in FlightGear land.
Maybe *too* different ....  :-/
Well, I don't know what to say about that ....

> But are there other places where I can read more specifically
> about this java OpenRadar setup, running, operations?

No, not much. The most elaborate reference so far is the source code. I
know what Ralf was having in mind because we've been talking a lot
about OpenRadar (which even didn't have a name until shortly before
development stopped), therefore I should be able to answer questions.
If you think it's worth doing so, I'd put it into a Gitorious project
alongside simgear and all the other stuff, hoping that people drop a
patch every now and then.

One of the various nice features in OpenRadar is its abstraction layer
for switching data source interfaces.  Somone built a pure Java HLA
compilant interface for OpenRadar, but that's never been integrated
into the main source tree.

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