Hi John
The traffic you see a KSFO is mine the Air Canada aircraft are in the AI
folder under traffic/A/ACA and the Cathay are under traffic/C/CPA almost
at the end.They are supposed to move but there are so few of them that
you need to be lucky to see them move.I think there is a KLM or two
of Durk's too.When I was doing the traffic for KSFO there were other
things going on so I never got anywhere near finishing the traffic files.

> Could someone tell me if the AI and traffic manager are active? Looking
> at the source, seems a lot of code is commented out. Haven't tried to
> walk thru the code just yet to figure out logic and flow and data
> structures.
> When starting at KSFO the "default" seems to be four 737's from Air
> Canada and two 747s at the south end of the terminal, but can't locate
> the xml file or comand option that stipulates this start condition.
> are those active AI models or just static objects placed as eye-candy?
> Any hints would be appreciated ;-)
> John W.

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