FlightGear Dev,


We are new to the FlightGear community.


FreedomWorks is a consulting and development company that specializes in 3D interactive simulation and robotics. Flight simulation is a large part of our business. We have many years experience integrating X-Plane and Microsoft ESP / FSX, including FAA approval for MS ESP.


We are currently in the process of investigating the viability of using FlightGear for a Cessna 172r FAA Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATF) as laid out in Advisory Circular No: 61-136, AC 61-126  and AC 120-45a.  FAA Approval of Basic and Advanced Aviation training Devices.


I have a couple questions and was hoping you could help:


(1)    Has any type of FAA approval been accomplished using FG?

(2)    Is there anyone currently working on FAA approval using FG?

(3)    Are you aware of any major road-blocks to FAA AATD approval?


After a high-level review we are very excited about the potential of using your software with our hardware and look forward to your feedback.


Respectfully Yours,


Christian Menge


FreedomWorks Inc.


US: 609-858-2290

Canada: 905-228-0285

Fax: 347-296-3666

Email: christian@freedomworks.ca