I thank you for your kind words.  Unfortunately, the screens will be substantially different with the real 787 dreamliner than with my model.  See
Georg EDDW wrote:
>regarding *airliners with 3D cockpit* your 787 is the most complex craft
>for FG we have now as I think.
>I just made a short testflight as I was thinking about learning some
>more complex IFR flights over some distance and your bird seems to be
>the best choice for me (although I did only test some basic AP
>settings). Therefore  a big thank you to you for your work!

>Please stay tuned adding a lot of more details to this aircraft as many
>of the other "heavy metal" a/c for FG are either without 3D cockpit or
>rather unfinished from the cockpit and flightmodel side.
>Georg EDDW