I could be imagining this, but I seem to recall a while back, someone asking if it was possible to keep a 2d panel visible all the time, even in external views.  I just took a quick peek at .../Cockpit/panel.cxx and it doesn't appear that we have the ability to do this, but I just thought I'd ask in case there is some other mechanism someone has added?

I am working on a project where we are modeling a skydiver in free fall, and we want to display some basic information on the edge of the screen (like decent rate).  But because this is not an aircraft, it makes more sense to use external views.  Also we are trying hard to avoid needing to modify source code, and we'd like to do this in v2.0 (the most current "release").  

The HUD would be another alternative, but we'd like to avoid needing to extend the HUD code to add our specific widgets.

Perhaps we could use gui widgets and display the information numerically, but an instrument communicates the data so much better.

Are there any other options or ideas that I'm missing?


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