Hi Stuart,

I saw that you recently made some updates and bug fixes to the "global weather" 3d clouds including fixing a problem with overcast coverage and also making clouds drift with the wind.

This afternoon I started up at my local airport (KANE) and did observe the clouds drifting, which looks really good.  But I also noticed some other discrepancies.

The METAR report was (is): 2011/04/28 19:45 KANE 281945Z 36009KT 10SM BKN027 OVC032 A2981

KANE is officially at an altitude of 912' MSL I believe.

The global weather dialog box shows that two clouds layers have been created.
1. @ 3612 MSL Broken
2. @ 4112 MSL Overcast

This all appears to be correct 912 + 2700 for the broken layer, and 912 + 3200 for the overcast layer.

However, when I observe what is actually drawn, I see just one broken layer and no overcast layer.  In addition, the broken layer is drawn at about 2600 MSL or 1700 AGL (as reported by the HUD so the layer is drawn about 1000 feet too low.)


Curtis Olson:
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