OK then Im not sure what the intention was ... Ive had to disable objects sometimes because a transparent texture will hide an object behind it... but doesnt sound like the case here.Just thought Id mention that it might have been the reason for that particular bit of code , once upon a time :)

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 2:19 AM, HB-GRAL <flightgear@sablonier.ch> wrote:
HB-GRAL schrieb:
> syd adams schrieb:
>> While I cant test myself , (fg isn't playing nice at the moment) , in a lot
>> of cases transparent "covers" need to be disabled for an animation behind it
>> to be visible , so I'm guessing there was a good reason to do that in the
>> first place ... just my 2 cents.
>> Cheers
> Hello Syd
> Here the light animation ("reflection") is placed in front of the glass
> cover and when I enable the cover nothing changes with the animation? Or
> do I miss the point?
> Thanks -Y

Anyway I am asking if this light and the effect is "right" for cessna
172p. The landing light has moved to the wings for 172p and was
splitted into two different parts as I can see? How does this two parts
work for real?

Cheers Y.


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