Coming from the unix perspective, xntp is a pretty good tool for maintaining a very accurate real time clock setting on your PC.  If you run this on all your machines they're real time clock should be *very* close to in sync.  Then things like --timeofday=noon should work well.  This is something that can be set remotely via the telnet interface.


On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 6:58 AM, Harry Campigli wrote:

I am looking to time sync 3 machines running FG over the network and would like to sync the sim times to one master machine.
I have them all on nfs but it seems thats not quite the trick.

So what ever time the master is working on, be it from command at start, or selecting for example "noon" on the gui menu, the others follow.

I see in sim timing properties there are lots of values in the property tree, And I see system timing also comes via sim gear.

Do is anyone familiar with the code know which is the root time source on the property tree?  The one I can forward to the slave machines.
And i guess i will need to stop the slaves from trying to overwrite this value locally.

Regards Harry

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