I'm sorry but I can not see wiki page for a week. Is it just for me or is it broken?

2009/8/29 Maxime Guillaud <ml@mguillaud.net>
Martin Spott wrote:
Maxime Guillaud wrote:
I'd be happy to contribute to this. I will start by making available a 
write-up of my mapping between the Corine classes and the FG materials, 
since I spent quite some time on it.
Oh yes, please. Feel free to re-use as much as you like from my schema
as well as to propose changes wherever you think they fit,

Hi Martin, all,

I created a page on the wiki which summarizes the mapping between CORINE and FG materials that I used for the custom France scenery. It can be found here: http://wiki.flightgear.org/index.php/CORINE_to_materials_mapping .

Hope this helps.

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