Strange colors on windows with ATI GPU, but here dominating color is red in the crop shader.
I slightly modified the effects file and rendering gui to be able to enable them one at a time.
both landmass and crop suffer from that, and it's triggered by camera movement.

Unrelated comments :
Might want to look in at disabling fixed function lighting when doing per pixel lighting, and tweak blending and alpha settings, first to avoid wasting gpu cycles on unneeded settings, like lighting when doing per pixel. but also to prevent side effects from fixed function state.

Also, I was once told that stuff like a = b = c should be avoided : there is absolutely no guarantee it will be processed correctly, or in the order you think it would. GLSL is definitely not C :)
Seems to work, but it's a dangerous slope if you want portability to rely on C side effects in GLSL.
Common and oft repeated wisdom is if you develop on nvidia, you debug on ATI (or 3Dlabs) and if it runs there, it should run everywhere : nvidia seems to be the laxest of the GLSL spec interpretations (they all divert from the spec where they feel like it, except maybe 3dlabs who, well, created the specs)
Comments inside code lines are forbidden by the specs (stuff like some_code /*comment*/; is not compliant, but some_code; /*comment*/ is) : either by itself on a line, or after all code on a line, after the;

Water shader does work beautifully, albeit the geometry seams are very visible. I seem to recall that wasn't the case with the first version committed, I'll have to re-check.

Thanks for all the hard work,

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 4:42 AM, till busch <> wrote:
hi james,

this is not at all how it should look like. i believe that either something is
wrong with lighting values in gl_FrontLightModelProduct / gl_LightSource[0]
or smoothstep() does not work correctly on your system.

i'm working on improving the shaders. i'll try to make a shader without
smoothstep for you to check.

the problem could also be mac-specific? did someone else notice strange colors
with the shaders on os x?


- till

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