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‘git implementations under windows run fine’ Who claims that? Not here they don’t. I get constant glitches with cloned repos hanging – not only do they hang, but I can find no way out of the situation. I’m really p*ssed off with git right now. I’m in the anything but git camp today!




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> Why not use the bug tracker at

Is it just me or does that project not exist? The link gives an error page and the project
does not show up when searching for FlightGear on Google Code. The simgear one does

Ok, well the one that will eventually exist there ... :-)

(except we cannot collectively agree on the best source code control system to move towards.  Svn in better than cvs; cvs is better than svn, git implementations are dodgy under windows, git implementations under windows run fine, hg is a lean mean fighting machine, except google's implementation or servers currently has some sort of issues with the linux hg client or maybe visa versa; anything is better than cvs; don't transition to svn because once the cvs 'crisis' is averted then there's no further motiviation to go any further.  the project has a lot of git experience, the project has a lot of svn experience, the project has a lot of cvs experienece, the project doesn't have much hg experience; every one can register a project name at their favorite hosting service, everyone can setup their own local repostory clone using their favorite tool; but some developers have argued this *very* passionately implying perhaps that there will be a huge firestorm following up any bad or incorrect decisions for how to move foward; we have set up a sequence of constraints that gives us no option to do anything.)



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