Both pilot list and chat rely on Nasal, while the mp aircraft itself does not. Any sign of a nasal error in the terminal? Could be very early in the start-up.




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Hi again...

Recall a few weeks ago when I joined a MP group of about six planes, but could only see up to four of them at a time.  I wondered aloud if this was a RAM issue, related to scenery loading problems, but we seem to have ruled that out.

This morning at around 0200UTC another user and I were to meet at KNZY (San Diego North Island Naval Air Station) to do a little for-fun dogfight practice.  Both of us were on mpserver02.  He was using one of Dave Culp's F4s and I was in the CVS A6E.  However, although I could see his plane, he was not in the pilot list and I could not communicate with him.  Several resets did not alleviate this.

I was using the Win32 build from Fred's site dated 20090627.  Reverting to a build from 20090523 alleivated the problem.

Is it possible that something in the last six weeks has "partially broken" Multiplayer?

-R. (MD-Terp)

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