I wrote:
> Cruising at FL300 yesterday, and FL310 today, in the Citation-Bravo,
> I notice what looks like a scenery tile loading problem (see the
> so-named screenshots below, and notice the white areas near the
> horizon).

Martin Spott wrote:
> Just a few guesses: Did you install the Scenery tiles by hand, do you
> use TerraSync (via SVN), did you make sure that all the required
> Scenery is actually installed properly, did you succeed in repeating
> this effect at least once ?

The scenery is permanently installed.  I do not run TerraSync.

As stated in the original report, this occurred on two successive flights in two days.

Another responder suggested it was a problem with the 2D cloud cover layer and that seems to make sense, because as I said, the plane never seems to get closer to the "tile" edges.  Since reading the e-mail, I haven't had a chance to test that theory by turning off METAR immediately when seeing the effect, but I will do so when I get the chance and report back.

Robert M. Shearman, Jr.
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