Geneb wrote:
As far as I know, they're still distributing it.  Games typically don't 
get an official "EOL" like other products do.
They do still support it through their website although further 
development ceased when they closed the ACES studio and sold the ESP 
assets to Lockheed-Martin.
No ! ESP is just an SDK by M$ And the work of Lockheed Martin is absolutly separate of FS X. FS X and Prepar3D are totaly different. Lockheed Martin also promises no compatibility with various X Addons FS. And ESP is free. Lockheed Martin did not buy anything.

Yes, by Microsoft.
No by Lockheed Martin. FS X is still available magazin because there are still boxes. This is normal, many user are left on FS FS 9 and refused FS X.

It should be noted also that Prepar3D fixes many problems of FS X. Like what it was possible :)

regards Emmanuel