Let me shortly introduce myself. My name is Daan and I am located in the Netherlands. My interest in flying simulators goes way back, but so far I never ran into the FlightGear sim. Now I found it I am very keen on getting involved in the development and maintenance of this system.


I will run FlightGear on a Windows XP system and I observed that – after a new install of v 1.9.1 – the fgjs program assumes the joystick data to be in the \FlightGear\Input\Joystick folder but it is actually installed in the \FlightGear\Data\Input\Joystick folder. This causes the fgjs program to quit.


Q1:       Is this a bug for the windows platform or just an issue that is specific to my setup

Q2:       Where should I file this (Still no real bugtracker?)

Q3:       Could I help to fix it?


Best regards,